Nudo Nido

Artist’s Book / Project Publication + Visual Identity
Nudo Nido, public activities programme and exhibition project anchored around collaborative practices and interwoven experiences, curated by Isabella Lenzi and Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga at Sala Arte Joven Madrid, Se busca comisario XII, Comunidad de Madrid, ES, 2021.
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Artist book / Project publication

Softcover with handmade Z binding (accordion). 12.5×19.5cm. Side A 60 pages, side B 80 pages. Limited edition of 300. Entirely printed in Risograph by Cabeza de in Madrid in Madrid, 2021.

Side A – Artist’s Book: 60 pages of original printed works, with multiple inserts, developed by the participating artists and groups, in collaboration with ACCA.

Side B – Project Publication: 80 pages documenting the whole exhibition programme, with critical texts by Tamara Díaz Bringas, Isabella Lenzi and Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga, documentation of all activities and artworks, and comments by all participants.

Side A

Side B

Process and risograph print

Staying true to the concept of this cooperative exhibition, part of this editorial challenge was to develop a publication that truly engaged with the artist’s and participant groups in a creative and collaborative way. We decided to do the whole book in a printing technique that allowed for hands on plastic exploration while also making it possible to have a small print run. Together with the publishing, printing and bookbinding studio Cabeza de Chorlito, in Madrid, the book was entirely developed and manually assembled through risograph printing process, by combining 4 direct colours (Blue, Green, Orange and Black). This result is a truly unique book, with 60 pages of original visual works, as well as 80 pages of essays and documentation of the whole exhibition programme.

Visual Identity

Printed communication: Programme Poster

Digital media communication package: Banners, Posts, Teasers, General programme, Individual activities.

Exhibition graphic materials:
Entrance wall, Programme wall, Labels and technical sheets