(coming soon) Artists book commission for Nudo Nido, exhibition curated by Isabella Lenzi and Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga, Sala Arte Joven, Madrid, ES


07.2020 Aragon Park, self-organized exhibition that brought together more than 20 artists in an abandoned building in the outskirts of Madrid. Participation with the site-specific installation “Ozymandias”, consisting of a sound installation in an abandoned car and a set of large-scale graphic works on paper, Madrid, ES


Poético ou Político?, curated by João Baeta,
Collective exhibition of mupis in the city, Saco Azul / Maus Hábitos, Porto. 
work: “The_new_digital_divides” (visual essay) 


Anuário 2019, curated by Catarina Miranda, Eduarda Neves, Filipe Marques, Samuel Silva and Simão Bolívar,
commissioned by Guilherme Blanc and João Ribas 
Collective exhibition, Galeria Municipal do Porto, Palácio das Artes, Porto. 
work: “You Wish I Would Tell You Are 4” (multimedia installation)  


Amidst, curated by Martin Dias  
Collective exhibition, ACCAstudio, Madrid. 
work: “The place where nature begins” (video 2.05’), “Ipomoea Purpurea” (object-composition) 


Herdámos as Margens, curated by José Maia and João Terras,
Collective exhibition, Espaço Mira, Porto
work: “Pseudea’s Flight” (multimedia installation)


S03E01, Open Studio CampaNice
Collective exhibition, Campanhã, Porto
work: “You Wish I Would Tell You Are 4” (multimedia installation)


Sopa de Pedra #8
Collective exhibition in celebration of the Carnation Revolution, Ateliers Mompilher, Porto.
work: “Neither can thrive where the other grows wild” (video loop)


Toca e Foge, Open Studio CampaNice
Collective exhibition, Campanhã, Porto
work: “Thriller of Dysphoria” (video installation, 5.41’), “565/99” (graphic prints)


Poste #11, curated by Reis Valdrez,
Collective video art exhibition, Extéril, Sobe e Desce, Porto
work: “Thriller of Dysphoria, 0.1” (video 5.50’)


Treino de Bancada, Open Studio CampaNice
Collective exhibition, Campanhã, Porto
works: “Thriving Adaptations” (graphic prints) and “7.83” (sound performance)


Every Square Meter of the Earth
Solo exhibition, Galeria do Sol, CCOP, Porto
works: “Ipomoea Purpurea” (mixed media installation), “Novel Ecosystem” (installation/living sculpture), “7.83” (sound installation), “Pristine Paradises” (video 5.57′), “Neither can thrive where the other grows wild” (video loop), “m2” (ground sculpture), “The place where nature begins” (video 2.05’)


Lote #1, Poste_Matosinhos, curated by Luísa Abreu and João Baeta
Collective video art exhibition, Mercearia S. Miguel, Matosinhos.
work: “Misquoting Stephen Hawking” (video loop)


Open Studio CampaNice
Collective exhibition, Campanhã, Porto
works: “un-knowns” (text prints), “non-forms” (video 5’), “Mechanism of Denial” (multimedia installation)


Coletiva de Desenho, curated by Teixeira Barbosa
Collective exhibition, Extéril, Porto
work: Velado (drawn pattern)


15 Minutos de Fama
Collective exhibition/Happening, Extéril, Porto
works: “un-knowns” (text prints), “non-forms” (multimedia installation)