Collective exhibition, curated by Martim Dias, with Cristina Garrido, Christian Lagata, Enric Farrés Duran, Clara Sánchez Sala, Dalila Gonçalves and ourselfes (ACCA), at ACCAstudio, Madrid. 
22.02 – 22.03.2020

Dalila Gonçalves, Calendário, 2011, Cement, soil and plant
Cristina Garrido, Every artwork starts with a purchase / Camden Arts Centre, 2016, Acrylic on paper
Enric Farrés Duran, Comprueve reverso II, 2019
Christian Lagata, Untitled, 2018, Rocks and bags from IKEA (Frakta)
ACCA – André Covas and Carmo Azeredo, The place where nature begins, 2018, Video, 2.05′.
ACCA – André Covas and Carmo Azeredo, Ipomoea Purpurea, 2018, Painted brick and digital print on canvas
Clara Sanchez Sala, From house to exhibition, 2019, Wood, glass, book pages
Dalila Gonçalves, Calendar, 2011, Cement, soil, plant and time

22.02 – 22.03.2020
ACCAstudio, Madrid.