In the face of the increasing complexity of today’s world and the proliferation of complicated physical and virtual structures ever more intricated in our society, feelings of unease and restlessness arise. In a way, the multiple, the fluid and the indefinite have simultaneously become the solution and the problem of our times. Between them lingers the uncertainty of what may result from this proximity to the diffuse, by both man and his sophisticated aparatus, and whether this will represent a tendency for greater openness or greater opacity of our collective existence.



Non-Forms, video 5′, Serra da Estrela, Portugal, 2017-2018



Non-Forms, digital prints on tracing papel and cardboard, Serra da Estrela, Portugal, 2017

Nothing will ever be the same, 2017


Nothing should ever be the same, 2017





January 2018, Open Studio Campanice, Porto.

December 2017, ’15 minutes of fame’, 7th edition, Extéril, Porto.