EEI 42/2007


EEI 42/2007 is a visual and sound installation about the synthetic and abstract boundaries imposed on nature. It builds up from an investigation into the political and legislative strategies that seek to mitigate the effects of our continuous manipulation of the earth, using the same anthropocentric logic of censorship and control that is so characteristic of mankind. Strategies such as blacklists that determine which species are considered invasive and illegal in a given territory, in a worthy attempt to conserve certain ecosystems, while trying to ensure that no other species can adapt to the changes that human hand generates.

Through the sound manipulation of the songs of birds declared illegal in Spanish territory, this piece seeks to generate an immersive experience dedicated to the decentralized discovery and spatial listening that invites a reflection on the inconsistencies and dichotomies of the human relationship with nature.


EEI 42/2007, Sound and visual installation: Decentralized and non-linear sound composition reproduced by 6 directional speakers, 16 large-scale digital prints on translucent fabric, acoustic and viscoelastic foams, aluminum strips and steel cable.




Circuitos de Artes Plásticas 2022, curated by Violeta Janeiro, Sala Arte Joven, Madrid, ES