ÆO is a site-specific work, developed for the emergency exit stair tower of the GNRation media arts centre, in Braga. An installation based in an investigation into the internal and external forces that affect the human cognition, and that lead to deviations in their behavior.

Using the wind as a metaphor for how these forces divert our reasoning and attention, this installation seeks to show how these apparently imperceptible forces, amplified by the digital age, condition and manipulate the human mind. Forces that take advantage of our behavioral tendencies and our cognitive biases to manipulate us individually and collectively, with significant consequences to our perception of reality and the way we function as a society.

Though a series of wind instruments and prints that compose a visual essay, the journey up these stairs seeks to make render tangible the wind. Symbolically associated with the idea of freedom and randomness, the wind’s allegorical charge is reconfigured to represent the way in which our sense of free will is currently easily circumvented by these seemingly invisible cognitive forces.


ÆO, installation, Summer labs residency, gnration, Braga, PT